Amir Hadjibay India Bayco
1943 – Beginnings in India
Amir Hadjibay, father of Moris & Giacomo, travels from Iran to India and starts trading fine Persian carpets for precious gemstones.
 Amir Hadjibay Milan Bayco
1961 – India to Milan 
Amir Hadjibay moves to Milan, Italy. He sets up a business and is known throughout Europe for his fine collection of precious gemstones.
 Maharaja Belt Buckle Bayco
1974 – Maharaja Belt
Amir Hadjibay Acquires a very rare Maharaja belt buckle centered on a magnificent cabochon old-mine Colombian emerald.
Bayco Logo
1981 – Bayco Established
Moris & Giacomo Hadjibay partner in New York to start Bayco.
The Spirit of the Sea Bayco
1985 – The Spirit of the Sea 
Moris & Giacomo Hadjibay purchase The Spirit of the Sea, a superb 215 carat gem quality natural unheated emerald-cut blue sapphire.
 The Virdian Splendor
1989 – The Viridian Splendor
Moris & Giacomo Hadjibay purchase The Viridian Splendor emerald necklace.
 The Tear of the Sultan Bayco
1992 – The Tear of the Sultan
Bayco acquires The Tear of the Sultan, an exceptionally fine 60 carat natural unheated pear-shaped royal blue Burma sapphire.
 Bayco Rose-Cut Diamond Ring
1994 – Manufacturing
Bayco begins to manufacture its own line of jewelry in their New York atelier.
 Cartier Kashmir Sapphire Bracelet Bayco
1997 – Kashmir Bracelet Acquisition
Bayco acquires a very rare Kashmir Sapphire bracelet signed Cartier.
1998 – Baselworld
Bayco exhibits at the Baselworld fair for the first time.
 The Muzo Spectacular Bayco
2006 – The Muzo Spectacular 
Bayco creates The Muzo Spectacular emerald necklace centered upon an exquisite 42 carat emerald-cut Colombian emerald.
 The Gurkhan Ruby Bayco
2007 – The Gurkhan Ruby
Bayco acquires The Gurkhan Ruby, a very rare 15 carat natural unheated oval Burma ruby and creates a unique ring for the special stone.
 Marco Hadjibay Bayco
2008 – New Addition
Marco Hadjibay, eldest son of Moris, joins the Bayco team.
 The Sovereign Sapphire Bayco
2010 – The Sovereign Sapphire
Bayco acquires The Sovereign Sapphire, an extremely rare 35 carat natural unheated emerald-cut Burma sapphire.
 Manuel Hadjibay
2012 – New Addition
Manuel Hadjibay, second son of Moris, joins Bayco.
 The Imperial Emerald
2013 – The Imperial Emerald
Baselworld 2013. Dozens of journalists attended the secret unveiling held at the at which one of the rarest gemstones in the world was presented to the public for the first time; a 206 carat gem quality unenhanced Colombian emerald.
 The Crimson Ruby
2014 – The Crimson Ruby
Bayco creates The Crimson Ruby, a ring centered upon an extremely rare 12 carat natural unheated oval Burma ruby.
 The Conquistador Emerald Bayco
2016 – The Conquistador Emerald
Bayco acquires The Conquistador Emerald, a superb quality 23 carat unenhanced emerald-cut Colombian emerald.
 The Grand Mogok Ruby Bayco
2017 – The Grand Mogok Ruby
Bayco acquires The Grand Mogok Ruby, a spectacular 15 carat natural unheated Burma ruby and designs a majestic ring with 16 carats of diamonds for the unique stone.
 Nicole Hadjibay Bayco
2018 – New Addition
Nicole Hadjibay, eldest daughter of Giacomo Hadjibay, joins Bayco.
David Hadjibay 
2019 – New Addition
David Hadjibay, son of Giacomo Hadjibay, joins Bayco.