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Bayco Diamond Necklace
A Marquise Colorless Diamond Necklace
Bayco Diamond Rings
A Trio of Colorless Diamond Rings - Marquise, Moval, & Emerald-Cut
Bayco Yellow Diamond Earrings
A pair of Yellow Diamond & Colorless Diamond Chandelier Earrings



Bayco Emerald Suite
A Suite of Colombian Emeralds & Colorless Diamonds
Bayco Emerald Earrings
A pair of 22 Carat Colombian Emeralds & Colorless Diamond Earrings
Bayco Colombian Emerald Diamond Ring
An Important 18 Carat Colombian Emerald & Colorless Diamond Ring



Bayco Burma Ruby Diamond Suite
A Suite of Pigeon's Blood Burma Rubies & Colorless Diamonds
Bayco Ruby & Diamond Earrings
A Pair of Pigeon's Blood Burma Ruby & Colorless Diamond Earrings
Bayco Burma Ruby Diamond Ring
An Important 13 Carat Pigeon's Blood Burma Ruby & Colorless Diamond Ring



Bayco Burma Sapphire Suite
A Suite of Burma Sapphires & Colorless Diamonds
Bayco Burma Sapphire Diamond Ring
An Important 22 Carat Burma Sapphire & Diamond Ring
Bayco Burma Sapphire Diamond Bracelet
A Burma Sapphire & Colorless Diamond Bracelet