Giacomo Hadjibay Bayco Heritage


As of 2016, each piece of Bayco jewelry purchased comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. The Certificate of Authenticity provides the owner with documentation of the unique piece; this handcrafted document serves as a testament to the quality and individuality of Bayco jewelry. A Bayco jewel with a Certificate of Authenticity can be assured of holding its long-term value.

Each Certificate is individual and includes the Description of the item; the Style Number; the Serial Number, which identifies the specific item; the Stones and Materials used; any accompanying Lab Certificates; and the official signature and hand-stamped seal of Bayco Jewels New York.

Jewelry purchased through auction or a second-hand source can be authenticated by Bayco for a fee of $500. Authentications are provided on premises, at our showroom in New York. The process takes 2 to 4 weeks.

With a successful authentication the piece will be stamped with a unique serial number. If the piece cannot be authenticated, the client will be notified of our findings and the piece will be returned. (Note that authentication charges will not be refunded, even if an authentication is unsuccessful.)

If you'd like to authenticate a piece, or if you have further questions about our authentications process, please call us at +1.212.382.3390, or e-mail us at info@bayco.com


Bayco Certificate of Authenticity


The only way to ensure a Bayco piece is authentic is with a stamped Certificate of Authenticity.  If you are planning to buy a piece of Bayco jewelry via an estate dealer or auction house, ask them to provide a stamped Certificate of Authenticity. If they cannot, please ask them to contact us at info@bayco.com





Bayco Emerald Design


Bayco has a long history of collaborative design with clients. Our atelier regularly executes client commissions. Please note that we do not mount clients loose stones. The Bayco Atelier has designed unique pieces based on specific design concepts, which includes the sourcing of unique stones. Contact us to learn more.